179XL-8/296 Assistent tool cart with 296 tools for Mercedes

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  • SW10002
  • 4000896179480
  • 220 Kg
Tool trolley Assistent 179-8 in black grey, (RAL 7021) Complete with 296-part tool assortment... more

Tool trolley Assistent 179-8 in black grey, (RAL 7021)
Complete with 296-part tool assortment
Safety-Insert-System - all tools are snugly embedded - missing tools are noticed immediately
Easy-to-clean inserts (Brush under running water - let it dry - ready!)

  • Assortment for MERCEDES-BENZ passenger cars
  • Safety-Insert-System, 2-component soft foam insert. Insert also suitable for HAZET Assistent
  • Net weight: 37 kg
  • Number of tools: 296 Stück

Combination wrench / double box-end wrench set 163-30/25
Combination wrench 600N-6 600N-7 600N-8 600N-9 600N-10 600N-11 600N-12 600N-13 600N-14 600N-15 600N-16 600N-17 600N-18 600N-19 600N-21 600N-22 600N-24
Double box-end wrench 630-6X7 630-8X9 630-10X11 630-12X13 630-14X15 630-16X17 630-18X19 630-21X22

Socket set, TORX® double box-end wrenches, sockets etc. 163-53/75
TORX® double box-end wrench 609-E6XE8 609-E10XE12 609-E14XE18 609-E20XE24
Screwdriver j 803-T6 803-T7 803-T8 803-T9 803-T10 803-T15 803-T20 803-T25 803-T27 803-T30
TORX® socket 850-E4 850-E5 850-E6 850-E7 850-E8
6-point socket 880-10 880-11 880-12 880-13 880-14 880-15 880-16 880-17 880-18 880-19 880-21 880-22
TORX® socket 880-E10 880-E11 880-E12 880-E14
Screwdriver socket set TORX® 8802-T40 8802-T45
Reversible ratchet 8816P
Universal joint 8820
Extension 8821-3 8821-6 8821-10
TORX® socket 900-E16 900-E18 900-E20 900-E24
Screwdriver socket set TORX® 992-T50 992-T55 992-T60
Offset screwdriver 2115-T6 2115-T7 2115-T8 2115-T9 2115-T10 2115-T15 2115-T20 2115-T25 2115-T27 2115-T30 2115-T40
Bit 2223-T6 2223-T7H 2223-T8H 2223-T9H 2223-T10H 2223-T15H 2223-T20H 2223-T25H 2223-T27H 2223-T30H 2223-T40H 2223LG-T25
Adapter 2250-1 2250-2
Reversible ratchet for bits 2264

Double open-end wrench set 163-95/8
Double open-end wrench 450N-6X7 450N-8X9 450N-10X11 450N-12X13 450N-14X15 450N-16X17 450N-18X19 450N-21X22

Ratcheting combination wrench set 163-97/6
Ratcheting combination wrench 606-8 606-10 606-12 606-13 606-17 606-19

Socket set 163-118/57
6-point socket 850-4 850-5 850-5.5 850-6 850-7 850-8 850-9 850-10 850-11 850-12 850-13 850-14
Screwdriver socket 8501-3 8501-4 8501-5 8501-6 8501-8 8503-0.6X3.5 8503-1X5.5 8503-1.2X8 8506-PH1 8506-PH2 8507-PZ1 8507-PZ2
Reversible ratchet 863P
Sliding T-handle 865
Spin type speeder 866U
Extension 867-2 868
Universal joint 869
Socket (12-point) 900Z-10 900Z-11 900Z-12 900Z-13 900Z-14 900Z-15 900Z-16 900Z-17 900Z-18 900Z-19 900Z-20 900Z-21 900Z-22 900Z-23 900Z-24 900Z-26 900Z-27 900Z-28 900Z-30 900Z-32 900Z-34
Sliding T-handle 915
Reversible ratchet 916SP
Extension, can be pivoted 919-5 919-10
Universal joint 920
Extension, can be pivoted 919-1

Screwdriver socket set 163-119/23
Screwdriver socket 986-5 986-6 986-7 986-8 986-10 986-12 986-14 986-17 986-19 986KK-6 986KK-7 986KK-8 986KK-10 990-8 990-10 990-12 990-14 990-16 990-18 990LG-8 990LG-14 990SLG-10 990SLG-12

Universal set 163-120/24
Flat chisel 730-3 730-6
Centre punch 746-1
Drift pin 748B-3 748B-4 748B-5 748B-6
Universal pliers 759N-2
Screwdriver 801K-55 801K-PH2
Screwdriver j 803-25 803-30 803-35 803-40 803-65 803-80 803-PH1 803-PH2 803-PH3
Heavy-duty diagonal cutters 1802M-22
Snipe nose pliers 1841MB-33
Combination pliers 1850M-22
Offset screwdriver set 2105LG/9H
BluGuard Engineer's hammer 2140-50

Pliers set 163-121/4
Grip pliers, self-adjusting 755-10A
Heavy-duty diagonal cutters 1802M-33
Diagonal cutter 1803M-11
Snipe nose pliers 1841MA-11

Socket set 163-122/3
Socket 428-8 428-10 428-13

Circlip pliers set 163-124/4
Circlip pliers 1845A-19 1845B-19 1845C-19 1845D-19

2-component soft foam insert, empty 163-130L

Socket set 163-131/8
Adapter 858-1 8858-1 8858-2
Impact socket (6-point) 903SLG-17 903SLG-19
Adapter 958-1 958-2 1058-2

Soft foam insert with compartments for small pieces 163-522X50

Anti-slipping mat 180-38

Socket key, flexible 426-6

Socket key, flexible 426-7

Socket key, flexible 426-8

Double open-end wrench 450N-24X27

Double open-end wrench 450N-30X32

Combination wrench 600N-27

Combination wrench 600N-30

Combination wrench 600N-32

Double box-end wrench (open) 612-10X11

Double box-end wrench 630-24X27

Double box-end wrench 630-30X32

Tyre lever 650-20

Screwdriver j 803LG-T15

Screwdriver j 803LG-T20

Screwdriver j 803LG-T25

Screwdriver j 803LG-T30

Blunt scraper 824

Screwdriver 828-T45

Joint socket set (6-point) 880G/10H
Joint socket 880G-10 880G-11 880G-12 880G-13 880G-14 880G-15 880G-16 880G-17 880G-18 880G-19

Socket set (12-point) 880TZ/10H
12-point socket 880TZ-10 880TZ-11 880TZ-12 880TZ-13 880TZ-14 880TZ-15 880TZ-16 880TZ-17 880TZ-18 880TZ-19

Impact socket (12-point) 900SZ-32

Impact socket (12-point) 900SZ-34

Impact socket (12-point) 900SZ-36

Extension 918-23

Handle bar with sliding head 1015/2
Handle bar 1014
Sliding head 1015-1

Plastic hammer 1952-35

Magnetic pick-up tool 1976

Wire brush 2130

Feeler gauge 2147

Precision vernier calliper 2154-10

Measuring tape 2154N-5

Oiler 2160

Pry bar 2165-2

Bit 2211-4

Bit 2211-5

Bit 2212-6

Bit 2212-8

Bit 2212-10

Insert tool holder for bits 6420B

Insert tool holder for bits 6420C