Knipex pliers wrenches

Knipex pliers wrenches replace complete sets of metric or SAE sized wrenches. Their parallel jaws are strong and give a solid grip, especially with a lever transmission of more than 10:1. The smooth jaw surface allows for a damage free installation of plated or chrome fittings. Easy size adjustment with a single button and no unintentional size shifting due to a reliable hinge bolt. Also excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces. The ratchet type principle allows quick and easy tightening and release of all bolted connections.
Many more ideas other than replacing a wrench set are: tightening locknuts, exerting pressure to activate the adhesive power of contact adhesives, edge breaking in tile work, snapping cable ties, utilisation as a small vice. Any more ideas? As soon as you use your own pliers wrench you will come up with many applications.

The pliers wrenches are made from forged and oil-hardened chrome vanadium tool steel. Different sizes, surface finishes and grips are available.

So how do the models differ?

The Knipex part number tells you:

The first two digits 86 tell you it is a pliers wrench.

The second two digits tell you the surface finish (grey atramentized or anti corrosive chrome plated) and the handle material (non slip handles or multi component):

01  grey atramentized steel, non slip plastic handles
02grey atramentized steel, ergonomic multi component handles
03, 43chrome plated steel, non slip plastic handles
05chrome plated steel, ergonomic multi component handles

The last three digits tell you the size of the pliers wrench:

125125 mm or 5 inches long
150150 mm or 6 inches long
180180 mm or 7 inches long
250250 mm or 10 inches long
300300 mm or 12 inches long
400400 mm or 16 inches long

In some cases there is an additional letter:
T – The pliers wrench has a tether attachment point for mounting a fall protection

The model 86 43 250 has a 15° angled pliers handle and provides space for counter screw connections or bolted fittings on surfaces. It reduces the risk of knuckle injuries.