Tool Cart 98VA/8

Tool Cart 98VA/8
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  • SW10320
  • 4018754262892
  • 102 Kg
Tool Trolleys TTS In comparison with the 90, 95 and 95VA models, this model offers 100% more... more

Tool Trolleys TTS

In comparison with the 90, 95 and 95VA models, this model offers 100% more drawer volume.

8 easily removable drawers mounted in full extension rails with bearing cage guidance.

Three-stage safety logic:

Central locking with a cylinder lock and fold-down key.

Individual locks prevent inadvertent opening in transit.

Topple-proof - it is not possible to pull out more than one drawer at a time. Drawers can be identified with multiple stickers per drawer(sheet of stickers included in delivery). Stainless steel handle with reinforced connection to body. Impact protection strips with wrap-around bumper. Wear and scratch-resistant worktop and ribbed protective base strip in stainless steel. Oil and acid resistant ball-bearing mounted low-friction wheels(ø 125 mm) with carpet protection to prevent ingress of dirt and fibres into bearings, with two parking brakes.

Paper-roll holder.

5 Standard colour shades, drawers in two colours (silver with black full-width handle). Perforations from both sides for Hooks No 8031-8041, e.g. for larger tools.

Can be enhanced with STAHLWILLE Standard and TCS inlays.

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