Hazet 6000 Series Torque Wrenches

Hazet manufactures it's signature torque wrench line 6000 with high accuracy in it's own factory in Remscheid, Germany. The torque ranges go from 2 Nm all the way up to 2,000 Nm for wind turbine or other heavy duty applications. 

The wrench is delivered in a safe box for transport and storage. 

The required torque is set and locked through the handle, no tool required. It is easy to see if the set torque is reached, you will feel and hear a click. The ratchet is reversible and easy to service. You can even change the parts yourself with an easy to handle repair kit if needed. Each torque wrench comes with a serial number and a calibration certificate. 

Made in Germany

Almost all 6000 series torque wrenches are also available in a calibrated version.

The 5000 series with a slighly lower accuracy can be found here.