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Brockhaus Heuer Vises

Brockhaus Heuer manufactures one type of forged vise in different jaw widths.

The vises come in two versions: One has fixed jaws and the other has exchangeable jaws. The exchangeable jaws are held in place by two screws and the jaws can easily be replaced by yourself.

All vises with a part number starting with 100 have fixed jaws, the ones with a part number starting with 101 have exchangeable jaws. The second part of the part number is the width of the jaws in millimetres. So the vise 101 120 has exchangeable jaws and a jaw width of 120 mm (appr. 4.7 inches).

In addition to their standard vises Brockhaus Heuer introduced the Compact Vise 118 001 that is a lighter and more portable version of the 120mm vise.

The vises are used in the automotive industry, car repair shops, rifle and gun manufacturers and many more industries.

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