Ballistol Gun Care and Cleaning Supplies

Ballistol is the trade name of the Klever company found in Cologne, Germany, in 1874.

The original Ballistol multi-purpose all-round oil was developed for the German army around 1900 to be used with all materials around a weapon. For cleaning, care, and conservation of the metal parts, wooden stocks, and leather straps. At the same time, it was to be used by soldiers as a wound oil for smaller injuries, chaps, and abrasions. The name Ballistol was created from the word "ballistic" and the Latin word oleum, meaning oil.

Over the decades many more applications were found, some of them being the care and conservation of measuring instruments, knife blades and other delicate instruments.

BALLISTOL now manufactures well above 80 items – from special oils, cleaning agents, and weapon-care products, to technical oils for production, workshops, and crafts. Amongst the brand names are GunCer, Gunex, Robla Solo, GunTec and others.

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