Reilang hand pumps

Reilang offers different hand pumps for manual operation.

The RHP250UV, RHP500UV and RHP750UV are single action pumps. You pull in the liquid in one inward stroke and with the outward stroke you release the liquid. This pump is good for refilling liquids into cars or machines. One customer even uses the pump for special effects where the SFX team pumps artifical blood on movie crime scenes.

The RHP150DS and RHP1000DS are metering pumps that works like the above RHP/UV series but have a clear body with a metring scale to exactly dose the liquid.

Both series come with a M15x1 thread to attach any rigid or flexible tube for easy operation.

The RHP250DW and RHP750DW are double action pumps with two hoses attached. With one stroke you pull liquid through one hose and push out liquid from the second hose at the same time. This pump is used to quickly empty or fill reservoirs.

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