Reilang oilers

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Reilang Coffee Cup Reilang Coffee Cup
US$16.13 *
Reilang R023-403 oiler Reilang R023-403 oiler
US$5.88 *
Reilang R023-402S5 brush oiler Reilang R023-402S5 brush oiler
US$15.00 *

Reilang manufactures different types of oilers. They consist of a robust oil can made from strong hydroformed aluminum available in three different sizes and an oil pump either with a single or a double pump. 

The entry level single pump oiler is the R001 series, the R003 series has a double pump, the R007 series has a single pump and a flexible oil pipe and the R015 series features a brush oiler to lubricate chains and guide rails of lathes, grinding machines and similar machines.