CLIC-R® R86 Hose Clamp (OEM original)

CLIC-R® R86 Hose Clamp (OEM original)
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Did you ever ask: "Where can I get the original CLIC-R® clamps for my fuel hose?" These are... more

Did you ever ask: "Where can I get the original CLIC-R® clamps for my fuel hose?"

These are the original CLIC-R® hose clamps used by OEM car manufacturers

Ensure a tight fitting between a hose and a pipe-end at temperatures ranging from -30 to +130°C.
It is a single-band clamp that stands out by its light weight, compactness, easy and quick fitting (as all it takes is to clip the latch on the latch lock), as well as by its circularity which ensures an even distribution of the clamping force.
CLIC-R® clamps are used by many European OEMs.

✓ Excellent circularity: even distribution of the clamping force preventing leakage.
✓ The locking system of the CLIC® clamp ensures a robust tightening.
✓ Resistant to high stresses (pressure, pull-off, vibration)
✓ Austenitic stainless steel clamp: withstands corrosion as well as fuel, oil, grease, alcohol,…
✓ The CLIC-R® clamp is light and compact.
✓ Quick and easy fitting (1 second) with manual or pneumatic pliers.
✓ The CLIC-R® clamp is removable and reusable (if disassembled with care).

This clamp is particularly recommended to tighten hoses on fuel, air, water systems, as well as transmission/steering boots and airbags.
Besides the advantages of the standard Clic® clamp, the Clic-R® clamp has a capacity reserve designed to compensate for the tolerance ranges of the hoses and spigots to be tightened.


Automotive: engine, fuel tank vent, air filter, steering and cooling systems etc,…
All other industrial applications, electrical appliances, automotive aftermarket, domestic plumbing (sauna, bath,…).
All rubber, thermoplastic, TPE, silicone,… hoses.

Item # Min. Hose Ø (mm) Max. Hose Ø (mm) Band width (mm)
R86-115 12,0 13,5 8,0
R86-120 12,5 14,0 8,0
R86-125 13,0 14,5 8,0
R86-130 13,5 15,0 8,0
R86-135 14,0 15,5 8,0
R86-140 14,5 16,0 8,0
R86-145 15,0 16,5 8,0
R86-150 15,5 17,5 8,0
R86-155 16,0 18,0 8,0
R86-160 16,5 18,5 8,0
R86-165 17,0 19,0 8,0
R86-185 19,0 21,0 8,0
R86-205 21,0 23,0 8,0
R86-215 22,0 24,0 8,0