Magnefix 3-piece Magnetic Jaws Set 120mm

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 3 pairs  of  120 mm jaws:  Neutral,  Rubber and  Polyurethane... more

3 pairs of 120 mm jaws: Neutral, Rubber and Polyurethane Prism.

The protective jaws have a strong basic form made out of Aluminium or are produced completely out of Polyurethane (PP and PR). The profile is right-angled and the faces are flat and parallel; the high precision of the HEUER vices are maintained. The integral special magnets hold the protective jaws securely on the vice. Despite extremely high magnetic force, the magnetism does not penetrate the clamping faces, so that neither the clamping force of the blocks is affected, nor a magnetising of the piece takes place.

This set contains the following 3 pairs of protective jaws in 120 mm width, packed in a plastic box for storage and display:

Type N (Neutral)
Clamping of rough to medium machined workpieces
The jaw blocks are made out of Aluminium and have a hardness factor between that of copper and lead. 6 grooves hold the workpieces secure. A deeper groove serves to hold shafts and pins etc. secure.

Type G (Rubber)
Clamping of thin walled tubes and shaped pieces, wood and plastic parts
The clamping faces are produced from a special synthetic rubber. Three layers of a canvas material appose the natural spring tendency of the rubber during the clamping process. The workpieces are held secure even when very low forces are applied.

Type PP (Polyurethane Prism)

Clamping of workpieces of various shapes
The jaw blocks are made out of Polyurethane. One horizontal prism and three different vertical prisms facilitate clamping of round or oval workpieces. The 90° cutout in the upper part of the jaw blocks facilitate problem free and horizontal clamping of flat material.