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Hausammann is Reilang!
Super resistant,
Super reliable!
HAUSAMMANN is reilang - since 1948 they produce the world's best oiler Merkur with rotary piston and double pump. From the Reilang precision oiler, hand sprayer, the single-acting hand pump, the double-acting hand pump, the metering hand pump to the universal hand pump (also called suction and pressure sprayer), they guarantee the highest quality.
With the main market in Germany and Switzerland, they are well familiar with the local needs. Drum pumps, oil gauges and oil level indicators, grease guns and special equipment complete the highly specialized product range. Unbeatable quality at fair prices is part of Reilang's DNA.

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RL010010 Reilang R36.500 Sprayer
US$14.40 *
RL030001-001-VH Reilang RHP UV Universal Manual Pump
From US$54.00 *
RL990001 Reilang Coffee Cup
US$11.99 *
RL010014 Reilang R023-403 oiler
US$14.40 *
RL010013 Reilang R023-402S5 brush oiler
US$14.40 *
RL010006-001-VH Reilang RZE Precision Micro Sprayer
From US$45.60 *
RL010008-001-VH Reilang R009 Precision Liquid Sprayer
From US$38.40 *
Reilang RHP DS Manual Metering Pump Reilang RHP DS Manual Metering Pump
From US$56.85 *
RL010005-001-VH Reilang R015 Brush Oiler
From US$41.41 *