Brockhaus Heuer Rotary Table

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Vise size:

  • BR020001-001
  • 4010898300904
  • 1.8 Kg
  • Flag Germany Germany
Brockhaus # for vises 103100 100100, 118100 103120 100120, 101120... more
Brockhaus # for vises
103100 100100, 118100
103120 100120, 101120
103140 100140, 101140
103160 100160, 100180, 101160


360° flexibility

Thanks to the HEUER Rotary-Table the vice can be rotated 360° on one level exactly in the position that you need for working on a given item. The robust setting with a small spindle key enables the rotary table - and therefore the vice - to be precisely and firmly set to the required position.

Their build determines the uniquely positive features. The HEUER Rotary-Table comes with a covered plate in order to prevent entry of dirt and shavings into the guide. The steel rotating unit and carrying plate fit exactly into one another and thus assure a precise guide. The guide surfaces are of course conceived to provide as resistance-free an operation as possible.

The HEUER Rotary-Table is of an especially flat build to assure great stability. The HEUER Rotary-Table is designed for all vice sizes.

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