Hazet 1845A Circlip Pliers for Outside Lockrings

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1845A size:

  • HZ020406-001
  • 4000896048663
  • 1845A-3
  • 0.052 Kg
  • 82032000
  • Flag of Germany Germany
 Hazet # length (mm) lockring dia. (mm) pliers tip dia. (mm) 1845A-3 140 3-10... more

Hazet #length (mm)lockring dia. (mm)pliers tip dia. (mm)


  • Safe and easy working due to precise, conical and relief-ground jaws (phosphatized)
  • Various types of pliers tips allow universal application
  • Solid plastic body
    - the metal core extends far into the pliers’ shanks
    - light weight, ergonomically shaped
  • With readjusting springs
  • Twist-safe, tips are welded to the solid metal core
  • Straight Design, Form A
  • For outside lock rings (shafts)
  • DIN 5254