Hazet produces a range of screwdrivers for general and automotive applications. The best selling lines are the classic black handle Trinamic screwdrivers of the 803 series and the 802 series with multi component Hexanamic soft handles. Both come in a range of flatblade, Phillips recess (PH), Pozidrive (PZ) and TORX (TX) sizes. The T-handle 828 series come in both hex and TORX versions.
The Hazet 810 series are the entry level screwdrivers that come in sets, as flatblade and Phillips, and in VDE quality.

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Hazet 2224 5/16“ (8mm) TORX® bits Hazet 2224 5/16“ (8mm) TORX® bits
From US$7.50 *
HZ020903 Hazet 2239N-6 Bit Adapter 1/4"
US$12.78 *
HZ020333 HAZET 808/7 Screwdriver Set
US$85.81 *
HZ020331 HAZET 805/7 Screwdriver Set
US$71.22 *
HZ020312-001-VH HAZET 426 Flexible Nut Drivers
From US$43.14 *
HZ020310-001-VH HAZET 2115-T TORX® Screwdrivers
From US$6.78 *
HZ020299 HAZET 2100/6KH Screwdriver Set
US$24.48 *
HZ020303 HAZET 2100A/7R Screwdriver Set
US$14.46 *
HZ020300 HAZET 2100/7R Screwdriver Set
US$14.46 *
HZ020298 HAZET 2100/6H Screwdriver Set
US$27.66 *
HZ020307 HAZET 2115/8KH Screwdriver Set
US$28.92 *
HZ020296 HAZET 2100/10P Screwdriver Set
US$42.18 *
HZ020297 HAZET 2100/14P Screwdriver Set
US$114.84 *
HZ020382 Hazet 810SPC-6.3
US$15.72 *
HZ020301-001-VH HAZET 2100 Screwdriver
From US$2.88 *
HZ020326-001-VH Hazet 803Lg-T15 Trinamic Screwdriver
From US$17.34 *
HZ020302-001-VH HAZET 2100A SAE Hex Screwdrivers
From US$2.64 *
HZ020306-001-VH Hazet 2105LG Long Hex Screwdriver
From US$3.96 *
HZ020344 Hazet 819-PH1+PH2 Screwdriver
US$10.44 *