Hazet 802 HEXAnamic® Flatblade Screwdrivers

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802 size:

  • HZ020318-001
  • 4000896144785
  • 802-30
  • 0.055 Kg
  • 82054000
  • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
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  • 3-component handle cover, designed according to latest know-how in cooperation with leading German work scientists:
    - component 1 (hard): optimal blade fixation
    - component 2 (hard): stability against impacts
    - component 3 (soft): protection against slipping-off at axial contact pressure
  • Anatomically shaped for perfect coupling between hand and screwdriver
  • Recessed hexagon at the front of the handle:
    - optimized protection against slipping-off
    - prevents the screwdriver from unintended sliding-off
  • Non-slipping even with greasy hands
  • Well-sized spinning area
  • Resistant against petrol, acid, Skydrol, brake fluid, etc.
  • With grey tips for optimal protection against corrosion and perfect hold of the blade in the screw head
  • For slotted screws
  • From size 55 on blade with hex bolster for use with a wrench, allows application of high torque values
  • Surface: chrome-plated
  • ISO 2380-1:2004, ISO 2380-2:2004