Hazet 916HPLG HiPer Reversible Ratchet 1/2“ Drive

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  • HZ020905
  • 4000896233076
  • 916HPLG
  • 1.464 Kg
  • 82041100
  • Flag of Germany Germany
 Product information Application: Small operating angle (4°) enables use in the tightest... more

Product information

Small operating angle (4°) enables use in the tightest spaces, e.g. engines, machine construction, agricultural vehicles and machinery, renewable energies (solar, wind turbines)

  • A lot more power for ratchets with the same dimensions
  • Continuously adjustable from 414 to 614 mm (without pre-fixed detent points)
  • Easy fixation with knurled clamping nut
  • Twist protected handle ensures optimum force transmission without slipping
  • Locking function of the lever prevents unwanted switch
  • Longer lifetime by using the latest lubricants in the ratchet mechanism
  • Close manufacturing tolerances prevent dirt from getting in
  • HAZET internal quality standards guarantee a loading capacity far beyond standard requirements
  • High-quality, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant
  • Integrated hanging option in the handle
  • Extra long design
  • Number of teeth: 90
  • Opening angle: 4°
  • With locking ball
  • HAZET 2-component handle
  • Surface: chrome-plated
  • Similar to DIN 3122, Similar to ISO 3315
  • Made in Germany
  • Output: Square, solid 12.5 mm (1/2 inch)
  • Dimensions / length: 614 mm
  • Length l1: 414 mm
  • For manual operation
  • HiPer – The Original
  • Developed and produced "Made in Germany"
  • Peak load: 1000 Nm
  • Static AND dynamic – double precision in perfection
  • High permanent load for durability
  • Locking function of the lever – prevents unwanted switching
  • A lot more performance with the same dimensions
  • Strict production tolerances prevent dirt from getting in
  • Ergonomic shift lever
  • Integrated suspension option in the handle