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 ECT 700 Starter Set in case consisting of: 1 Handheld unit ECT 700 incl. protection cover... more

ECT 700 Starter Set in case consisting of:

1 Handheld unit ECT 700 incl. protection cover

3 Extensions of 70 and 140 mm, angle 70°

2 Rubber cones 30 and 63°

1 Pressure sensor

1 Pressure hose

1 Software ECT 700 for PC

1 USB-cable

This tester requires one battery E-Block 9V (not included)

Measuring, Evaluating, Archiving. Different independent pressure systems with different pressure ranges required so far multiple test units in workshops.

MOTOMETER offers with the pressure tester ECT 700 an innovative and reliable complete solution for the modern workshops, which measure, evaluate and archive digitally different pressure systems up to 70 bar.

Following pressure measurements can be carried out with the handheld unit ECT 700:

  • Measurement of compression pressure
  • Pressure loss test at engines
  • Real time pressure test e.g. Pressure maintaining tests
  • The currently measured value is shown on the display of the ECT 700 during the test. Afterwards the total test result can be digitally saved, archived and printed by using the evaluation software. The motor specific adapters of our approved recording compression tester can continue to be used.

Further features:

  • Reliable and precise test results through electronic measured value recording
  • Evaluation and archiving of measurement data
  • Clearly structured menu
  • Digital display allows easy reading of measuring values
  • Display, print out and archiving of the measurement data
  • Robust and water protected casing
  • Display of battery voltage
  • Further accessories offer additional options at any time
  • Integrated automatic shutdown device
  • Measured values units (bar, psi and kPA)

Technical data:

Measurement range: - 4 up to + 70 bar (0..1015 psi )

Measuredness: +/- 1 %

Measuredness pressure loss: +/- 20 mbar

Interface: USB 2.0

System requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7