Nexus 100-1,5 Universal Puller 2-arms

Nexus 100-1,5 Universal Puller 2-arms
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  • NX010002
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  • 100-1,5
  • 1.2 Kg
✓  Universal-Puller, 2-arms ✓  Robust drop-forged design ✓  Strong spindle... mehr

✓ Universal-Puller, 2-arms
✓ Robust drop-forged design
✓ Strong spindle with fine thread and replaceable ball on top for optimal centering
✓ Reversible puller legs for use as external or internal puller
✓ Expandable with legs in different length, optimized for the necessary clamping depth

Clamping width external pulling (mm) 25-130
Clamping width internal pulling (mm) 80-180
Clamping depth (mm) 100
Max. torque (Nm) 80
Spindle dimensions (mm) M14x1,5x130
Max. load (t) 4,5
Wrench size (mm) 17
Internal width of pulling hook (mm) 13
External width of pulling hook (mm) 25
Thickness of pulling hook (mm) 3
Length of pulling hook (mm) 20
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