RECA Green spirit level

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  • RN020026-001
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 Reliable spirit level with a slim design and unique level mounting. The level, level block and... more

Reliable spirit level with a slim design and unique level mounting.

The level, level block and the measuring surfaces are precisely aligned with each other and permanently bonded with a synthetic resin. 

The level block is made of shatter-proof acrylic glass that is easy to clean and is filled with a fluorescent level liquid (resistant to UV radiation).

The inner walls of the level are precision ground and the reading rings are flush and corrosion-free, allowing the bubble to move unimpeded (for the highest measurement accuracy).

The rectangular aluminium profile has reinforcing ribs for maximum stability and a secure grip when working.

The two coated measuring surfaces protect sensitive surfaces and allow precise measurement in all positions.

Impact-resistant plastic end caps reliably protect the measuring surfaces from bumps. The additional slip prevention on the end caps keep the spirit level in place while marking.

Measuring accuracy:

0.029° = 0.5 mm/m in normal position.

0.043° = 0.75 mm/m for overhead measurements.

Application area:

Particularly suitable for use in building construction and civil engineering, gardening and landscaping, reinforced concrete construction, carpentry, tiling and joinery work.


  • The spirit level remains as accurate as on its first use, even under the toughest construction site conditions and without readjustment
  • Long service life
  • Extremely temperature-resistant — remains very readable both at very low and very high temperatures (the level is within the reading ring between -20°C and +50°C) 
  • Electrostatic powder coating makes it easy to clean