Stahlwille torque wrench 755

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  • SW050005-001
  • 4018754031603
  • 50010004
  • 0.5 Kg
  • 82041100
  • Flag of Germany Germany
 Model Torque range insert size b h L LF SF mm mm mm mm... more

ModelTorque rangeinsert sizebhLLFSF
755/44–40 Nm3–30 ft·lb9x12221820117217,5
755/1020–100 Nm15–74 ft·lb9x12282431828917,5
755/2040–200 Nm30–147 ft·lb14x18282445743525
755/3060–300 Nm40–220 ft·lb14x18282460958725


  • click-type
  • mount for interchangeable insert tools (755/4-30)
  • dual stop signal
  • particularly light and easy to handle
  • handle and shank are made of square tubular steel
  • any force applied to the tool after the 'click' or applied in the opposite direction to the current function (up to the maximum of the wrench's range) does not act on the trigger mechanism and cannot cause damage to it
  • anticlockwise torquing thanks to swap-over insert tools
  • on request with preset cut-out value (surcharge 10%)
  • display deviation value ± 4%