Reilang 01.019 ABNOX Muralt MX-II hand lever grease pump

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  • RL010017
  • R01.019
  • 2.2 Kg
  • 82055970
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
 Suitable for lubricants(Grease) Pump head made of high quality drop forging aluminium High... more

  • Suitable for lubricants(Grease)
  • Pump head made of high quality drop forging aluminium
  • High precision fit of piston to pump head ensures full prevention of leaks and lubricating failures (missed shots)
  • Enables even under extreme backpressure, a variable lubrication pressure with steady effort applied
  • Performance unchanged after 100‘000 actuating cycles. 100'000 pump operating cycles with no pressure drop
  • can be filled with cartridges, by hand or with filler
  • Cylinder design optimised for trouble-free application of cartridge
  • No reversal of the cylinder piston seal (lip seal) for filling required
  • Designed to be utilised under rough conditions. Rugged design of cylinder with knurled surface - sure grip handling
  • Modular system - at all hand lever pumps MURALT the in each case same cylinder is used as with the hand pumps ABNOX WANNER
  • With non-slip handle on pump lever, providing improved reliability in use
  • Connection output medium with check valve - prevent the medium in the pump head from feeding back
  • Equipped with interchangeable conical filler cap with ball valve for separate filling with manual or air-operated filler pump
  • High-speed ventilation, by half a rotation of the button on the air bleed valve
  • Suitable for frequent application in assembly and maintenance as well as accessory for machine tools
  • Comprehensive spare parts service
  • Complete disassembly possible allowing easy cleaning and maintenance

This one-hand pump  is equipped with:

  • High pressure hose 400 bar, length = 325 mm, connector 1/8" BSP
  • 4-piece hydraulic connector EXCELLENT, external dia. 14 mm, length = 40 mm