Stahlwille torque wrench 730 QUICK

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  • SW050007-001
  • 4018754292653
  • 50184002
  • 0.314 Kg
  • 82041100
  • Flag of Germany Germany
 Model Torque range Resolution Width (B) Length (L) Insert size 730/2... more

ModelTorque rangeResolutionWidth (B)Length (L)Insert size
730/2 Quick4-20 Nm 0.5 Nm 27,5mm179mm14x18mm
730a/2 Quick 30-175 ft·lb 5 in·lb27,5mm179mm14x18mm
730a/2-1 Quick  17.5-87.5 ft·lb 2.5 in·lb27,5mm179mm14x18mm
730/4 Quick8-40 Nm   27,5mm223mm14x18mm
730a/4 Quick  70-350 ft·lb 10 in·lb27,5mm223mm14x18mm


  • click-type
  • the measuring element is only under load while force is being applied, no need for manual reset to zero
  • mount for interchangeable insert/shell tools
  • QuickRelease safety lock (sizes 5–65)
  • rapid setting thanks to easy-action locking lever in the handle (sizes 5–65)
  • ergonomically designed, non-slip adjuster with a thumb recess
  • magnifying glass integrated in the display window
  • optimised convex handle for strain-free working
  • dual stop signal
  • twin scales N·m/ft·lb and N·m/in·lb (sizes 5–80)
  • on request also available as an N·m-only version without twin scale (sizes 5-65)
  • can be applied for either clockwise or anticlockwise tightening by turning the inserts over
  • any force applied to the tool after the 'click' or applied in the opposite direction to the current function – e.g. forcible loosening of a jammed screw - does not act on the trigger mechanism and cannot cause damage to it
  • calibration using perfectControl® calibrating unit No 7794 or calibration system No 7706. Readjustment does not require disassembly.
  • certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017
  • display deviation value ± 4%